Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cap n' Trade is Not a Character on Spongebob

What is Cap and Trade? I kept hearing the term and had no idea what it was, but now that I do, I am sorry I asked. Cap and Trade is a system of selling so-called 'carbon credits' to companies to offset the pollution they create as a byproduct of their manufacturing. These credits are limited, or 'capped' at a certain amount per company, and those who need to make up the shortfall in credits can 'trade' with other companies that produce less waste. The problem lies in the limits, and the huge fines awaiting the non compliant. With only so many to go around, corporations will be forced to significantly reduce their emissions, either by costly retrofitting, or completely shutting down operations in some cases. And don't think it won't affect you. Operating costs will skyrocket, in turn inflating the retail prices of whatever product is being manufactured, be it automobiles, vacuum cleaners, food products, toys, anything. And in this difficult economy, it will be fatal for some industries.

These credits could be completely arbitrary, assigned by a government bureaucracy, more than likely headed by an environmentalist. It is a money making scam, akin to the indulgences sold to the faithful in centuries past. And they say environmentalism isn't a religion. This is also a liberal scheme to gain power over private industry, a dangerous tool that, hand in hand with a few other lovely policies, can cripple our economy in a very short time. This bill of goods will be sold to the American people as a wonderful thing protecting them from the big evil polluting corporations (and they have those deep pockets anyway, right?), preying on the fears of those uneducated to the big lie of global warming.

I don't believe for one second that those in power in Washington attempting to implement Cap and Trade are doing so for the good of the environment. It is purely for power, and to grow the government's size and reach to unheard of levels. Oh, and who doesn't want the government to run every aspect of our private industry? I mean, they are the best and most efficient at everything they put their hand to, right? This is just one more attempt to push us down that slippery slope towards a full on nanny state.