Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hampton Roads Tea Party June 26, 2009

What a fun 'early July 4th' Hampton Roads Tea Party! It started at 3pm, and was hot out, 95 or so, but the excitement there easily made you forget any discomfort. Ice cream helped too, lol!

The signs say it all:

yes, my kids immediately yelled, "Hey look! It's Fillmore!"

There were a couple of live bands at the amphitheatre, an amazing Janis Joplin sound-alike, and a country group doing all the best redneck standards, including Sweet Home Alabama, some ZZ Top, The Georgia Satellites 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself', and of course a wonderful rendition of Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA'.

Ed Kelleher band

I can't decide what my favorite part was,... the music....

the portajohns....

that's Eric "Toilet Paper" Holder

Janeane "Got To Go" Garofalo

McCain, John

Aww, John, why the long face?

And of course,

The food was pretty good...

But no, the best part was definitely the 'Egg Toss' game....

my girls take aim!

Nancy Pelosi was by far the most popular target of the day, followed by...


I didn't get to stay for all the speakers in the second half (it went til 8pm), but I did get to hear Karen Hurd, the organizer of our local Tea Parties, and she was on fire!!

Thank you Karen for all your hard work putting this together!!!
(and of course everyone else who helped!)

It was a gorgeous day at Chesapeake City Park, and the patriots were out in full force!!

There were a ton of kids there this time, and the whole place just had an old-fashioned 4th of July picnic feel to it. My kids loved it, and love to tell people about it. They wanted to wear their costumes, but the heat prevented it. FYI, most of these pictures were taken by my 11yo daughter!