Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ship of Fools

Well, well, well. There was one thing that made being forced to sit through HSM3 on Friday night with 7 giggling tweens worth it, sort of. I got to see a commercial about a new series from Animal Planet featuring a beyond leftist named Paul Watson, and his ship of fools, the Sea Shepherd. If environmentalism is a religion, then this guy is their pope. Let me splain: Back a few months ago, I read a bit on Drudge about some moonbat who proposed that having children was the most environmentally criminal thing you could do. Yes, you heard me... he doesn't believe that we should be procreating anymore, since it is the single most harmful thing to do to the earth. And his name was Paul Watson, none other. Specifically, he's the one who said that humankind was a "virus" that needed to be eradicated. At the time I first read that, I looked him up at his foundation and sent him a nastygram with my opinion of his idiocy, but apparently Animal Planet doesn't realize this guy is advocating the end of the human race, their main demographic, and gave him a show. The premise of the show is how these brave activists go out on their trusty ship and throw molotov cocktails at Japanese whaling boats. They are shocked (shocked, I say!) that the fishermen dare to defend themselves and fire back!! This man and his crew have a long history of dangerous, criminal attacks on many ships around the world, and has endangered the lives of MANY fishermen, sailors, and the police forces attempting to protect legitimate working people. I plan on sending my next nastygram to Animal Planet, protesting their glorification of this criminal. It took me less than 20 minutes to find all of the horrific details of the exploits of these people. You would think Animal Planet's legal department could have done a little homework before giving this libtard a platform.


  1. WELCOME, Annie, to the world of blogging! Your first post is a good one and I look forward to many more visits. Bless you for finding the time.

  2. ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only good thing is that they will self-eradicate...


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