Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hampton Roads Tea Party June 26, 2009

What a fun 'early July 4th' Hampton Roads Tea Party! It started at 3pm, and was hot out, 95 or so, but the excitement there easily made you forget any discomfort. Ice cream helped too, lol!

The signs say it all:

yes, my kids immediately yelled, "Hey look! It's Fillmore!"

There were a couple of live bands at the amphitheatre, an amazing Janis Joplin sound-alike, and a country group doing all the best redneck standards, including Sweet Home Alabama, some ZZ Top, The Georgia Satellites 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself', and of course a wonderful rendition of Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA'.

Ed Kelleher band

I can't decide what my favorite part was,... the music....

the portajohns....

that's Eric "Toilet Paper" Holder

Janeane "Got To Go" Garofalo

McCain, John

Aww, John, why the long face?

And of course,

The food was pretty good...

But no, the best part was definitely the 'Egg Toss' game....

my girls take aim!

Nancy Pelosi was by far the most popular target of the day, followed by...


I didn't get to stay for all the speakers in the second half (it went til 8pm), but I did get to hear Karen Hurd, the organizer of our local Tea Parties, and she was on fire!!

Thank you Karen for all your hard work putting this together!!!
(and of course everyone else who helped!)

It was a gorgeous day at Chesapeake City Park, and the patriots were out in full force!!

There were a ton of kids there this time, and the whole place just had an old-fashioned 4th of July picnic feel to it. My kids loved it, and love to tell people about it. They wanted to wear their costumes, but the heat prevented it. FYI, most of these pictures were taken by my 11yo daughter!


  1. Big turnout, huh? Wow.

    I see that the intent of your website is, among other things, to annoy lib'ruls, so here I am. Annoy me.

    Of course, you must also understand that such a declaration by yourself means that you are happy to be annoyed, so, here I am.

    OK – what is the problem with some sort of government sponsored health care? Really? What have you got against it? How could anything possibly be worse than what you have?

    Another thing I notice in your pictures is the abundance of kiddies. Now, when kiddies are dragged along to leftie protests they are accused of 'brainwashing' their young, but somehow it's alright for the right, for them fermenting insurrection and the overthrow of a democratically elected government is a wholesome family day out. Hmm.

    Still, good to see y'all celebrating the works of noted radical Thomas Paine – one day you might actually get around to reading 'Common Sense' and discovering exactly what he was on about. You might be unpleasantly surprised.



  2. Hey, I'm only going by the government's illustrious history of astounding success in the area of.... well, there has to be SOMETHING, right? Let me think, hmmmm, oh yeah, THERE ISN'T ANY. I'll take my healthcare just the way it is thank, you very much. And what country do you live in that has such a fabulously efficient, low cost, easily accessed health care?? Cuz I would REALLY like to move there! And about the brainwashing of my kiddies, that's exactly what I'm doing, and doing quite a good job at it if I do say so myself. For example, how many 9 or 10 year olds do you know that can understand what 'legislating from the bench' means enough to explain it to someone else? You are most welcome to post here, as long as you keep it civil. Or until I tire of you.

  3. Great party Annie, never mind the douche bag from Australia. Love the egg toss, maybe next time an Elroy toss? Nah, he tosses himself enough.

  4. You seem quite happy to have left the Iraq War to te government – granted, that is a balls-up of the highest order, but the point is that conservatives were leading the cheer squad for it.

    Governments can be highly efficient at delivering services across the board – indeed, the privatizations of the past 20 years have shown just how blindingly inefficient the private sector can be – but the major impediment in the USA appears to be your insane government system.

    However, I can assure you that the rest of the civilized world very much enjoy their respective public health systems, and even the most conservative parties know to leave them alone – a third rail promising instant oblivion to any politician daft enough to propose they be dismantled.

    Here, in sunny Australia, we have a fabulous public health system. The conservative government we threw out in 2007 tried to implement a private system by propping it up with $3bAUD pa, but those with insurance never tell the public hospital that they have it less they get shipped off to the private sector.

    My family and I have much experience of both private and public systems, here and in the US, as patients and practitioners, and I can assure you that yours is the single most lethal, expensive, unfair and generally insane on the planet.

    The thing is, Annie, that nowhere else in the world is it possible to go bankrupt due to ill health, so on that score the USA is, indeed, NUMBER ONE!

    So when are your booking your ticket down here? You'll be quite welcome – we take refugees in all the time.

    And thank you for being honest and admitting that you proudly brainwash your children. Nice. I always thought that was just for Commies and Muslims, but don't you think you should leave it up to them what to decide?

    Give them your opinion, sure, but tell them that's all it is, an opinion, and that there are other views out there. Or would that be respecting their rights as an individual to chose?

    Whatever, I would like to hear what your 9 or 10 year old means by 'legislating from the bench', but I hope they can defend their position otherwise its all a bit of a North Korean circus trick, don't you think?

    Thank you for time, and count on me always being civil – I am not Jenn or Darwin et al.



  5. Great photos. Thanks for covering the event.

  6. So anyone who seeks to debate and discuss history and politics is an 'attention seeking pot-stirrer'?

    Really? I thought that debate and discussion were cornerstones of democracy – without it, you have totalitarianism and dictatorship, the very thing the USA's founding fathers were desperate to escape.

    Yet time and again I find that conservatives refuse to discuss their views and opinions – they demand that everyone either agrees with them or shuts up, despite the fact that they continually seek to inflict their views on those that disagree via legislation. Why is that?

    That's why blaming Bush is perfectly reasonable – on his watch a city drowned, 3000 died in terrorist attack, two wars without end were started and the economy of the post-industrial world collapsed in smoking heap, and all of it was avoidable.

    So in order to repair the damage we must discuss what went wrong, to sift through the wreckage of 2000 – 2008 to see just what went wrong and to make sure the mistakes are not repeated.

    This means everybody needs to honest and prepared to talk, but unfortunately conservatives are a defensive bunch – they know what they know and will not take responsibility for the actions committed in their name. Instead, they engineer excuses as to why none of the mess the world finds itself in is their fault.

    This sate of denial is, I'm afraid, cowardice. But the truth will set you free, Annie, if only you were willing to engage in a free and open conversation.

    Darwin over at screwlibs thinks he knows what I believe, but he doesn't. His arrogance is frustrating, but pretty much what I have come to expect. It's hard to find and open and enquiring conservative mind, and so I ask – do you have one?

    Respectfully cheerily


    PS. If legislating from the bench is such a bad idea, does that mean that the concept of 'Corporate Personhod' should be overturned? Or is legislating from the bench useful in some circumstances?

  7. C'mon, Annie – I thought you changing the world one moonbat at a time, but if you don't sort me out there'll be at least one left! Here I am – come and get me!

    I have a point, I am speaking English, I can spell so what's the problem? You promise an moonbat outreach program so how about it?

    Sometimes, y'know, I find conservatives to be all mouth and no trousers, that there is a disconnect between what the say and what they actually do - don't tell me you are yet another one of those let-downs?

    I'm a-waiting – come join me in the market place of ideas!




Before posting, ask yourself, do I have a point? Am I speaking english? Can I spell? Keep it civil or take it elsewhere.