Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming soon...Census explained

July 22, 2010 UPDATE!! Ok, do I reeeeeeally let the ball drop with this one. I had all sorts of advice for yall, and I overestimated the time impact homeschooling would put on me. It all boils down to this short anecdote....

Got a call from hubby one day that the Census worker had come knocking on our door. Not surprising, since I had 'neglected' to turn in my census forms, and I knew it was a matter of time. I was desperately hoping to be there when it happened, just to see what they would say to my answers, but alas I was out playing chauffeur somewhere when the big day came. Hubby handled it just fine, and after answering the basic 'how many peeps in your house' questions, the transcript went something like this:

Census Worker: "So what should I put down for your 'Race'?

Hubby: "Um, how about Ferengi?"

Census Worker: "Uh, ok, how do you spell that?"

Nuff Said.

What you can and can not do and why it matters. Check back later, these are just my research links.

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